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Placement process

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1- How to start the placement procedures?

You should fulfill the requirements as mentioned below to start the process:

-you should either be a family person or a single with children.

-you should be financially strong to employ an Au pair

-if both parents are working then workload limit must be 160% for both and if you are single then must be 60%

-you must do your households yourself or you must have helpers like cleaner…cleaning and cooking for the whole family are not for Au pairs…

2- What kinds of expenses arises during the placement?
Pocket money given to the au pairs differs with respect to Cantons.
During Vacations, off days and other festivals, if an au pair doesn’t have meal with the host family the host family should pay 21.5 CHF as their food expenses without bargaining. (i.e. For Breakfast=CHF 3.5 , Lunch= CHF 10.- , Dinner=CHF 8.-)
If during Vacation the Au pairs stays at other place apart from the Host family residence, they should be paid CHF 11.5 for night accommodation.
If the au pair joins the host family in their vacation, it is not considered as au pair’s vacation.

Apart from these, the expenses are as follows:

  • Expenses For Language school and monthly Train Tickets
  • CHF 990.- Gross for accommodation and provision (Government tax will be deducted from the salary)
  • Visa extension fee should be paid once. (Fees may differ with different Cantons)
  • Our registration and placement fees i.e. CHF 435.-
  • Fee for residence permit (Ausländerausweis) should be paid once (Fees may differ with different Cantons)
  • Health-Insurance: Au pairs must be insured by the employer for the consequences of sickness and accident in conformity with the law on obligatory accident insurance.
  • Visa fee differs with Canton. If any problems arise later, then please contact Office for Economy and Labor. All the travel expenses starting from Au Pairs’ Home to the Host Family Residence should be beard by the hosts.

3- How much prior should you apply to have an Au pair?
Visa Processing through Swiss Office takes almost 6-8 weeks. So, we request you to apply 2-3 months prior to the date you want an au pair.

4- What are the further procedures?
At first, you need to do online registration. This online registration is free of cost and is non-committable. After your successful registration, we will send our application form via emails, fax or via post.

5-What are the charges for the application Form?
We don’t charge you for the Application Forms and it is absolutely free of cost.

6- Are there any charges for the application process?
Yes, after the submission of application forms, you need to pay CHF 100.- which is not refundable.

7-What are the procedures after the submission of application forms and fees?
After that, we will contact you personally. We will need your introductions and your expectations. We will show you profiles of different Au pair girls. Their profiles will contain their photos, application forms, their experiences and their motivation letters .And thus you can yourself choose the one who meets your expectation and make your decision. If they fail to meet your expectations, please give us another chance, we will show another profiles.

8- If you find an Au pair of your choice, what are the further procedures?
If so then mention us the Au pair you have chosen. We will contact her, ask her whether she wants to work in your family or not. If things go positive from both the sides, we will provide you with all the contact details about the Au pair.

9- When will you assure and finalize the contract with the Au pair?
With mutual understanding between both the parties, we will have the contracts signed.

10- How many contracts will we get signed?
Three different contracts will have to be signed. They are as follows:
a. Au pair contract from Office of Economy and Labour between Au pair and The Host Family.
b. Work Contract between the Au pair and the Host Family (Declaration of Rights and Duties of Au Pairs and the Host family will be mentioned in this Contract).
c. Third contract will be between you and our agents.  This contract will include details about the working hours. Au Pair will work for 6 long hours and either mother or father should be with them for at least 3 hours. Let me remind you, an Au pair can only work for maximum of 6 hours.

12- How much will they charge to grant Visa?
This differs with different canton. Please get information about this from your nearest office by yourself.

13- How and when will the Au pair get Visa?
After Canton grants the Visa, we will send all the contracts papers to the Au pair. With that papers they will apply for Visa in the embassy or the consulate in their country. If need, we will also be in contact with the embassy so that Visa will be approved without any trouble or dilemmas. Once they get visa you will be informed by your Office of economy and labor.

14-When will we get our projected commissions?
After the Au Pair will get 6-12 months of Residence permit, you have to pay us our commission amount of CHF 335.-

15-What happens if you cancel the contract before you meet with the Au Pair?
Well in that case, you have to pay us CHF 300.- as handling charge.

16-What happens if the Au pair refuse to work?
If anything as such happens, we will try to manage another Au pair as soon as possible.This won’t cost any new of extra charges. But we humbly want you to have some patience.

17- What happens if you face any problems with the working of Au pair?
In that situation, please inform us immediately. We will try to resolve the problem and try our best to create understandings. If the problem doesn’t get a solution and you anyhow want to get rid of that Au pair, then also you have to stay calm and bear her for maximum for 7 days. (Because 7 days of prior notice period has to be maintained). After that, with your mutual co-operation, you need to submit us a resignation letter. We will find another family for that Au pair and a new Au Pair for your family.

18- Can you get separate earlier than intended by Au pair?

If the au pair employment is terminated prior to the expiration of the probationary period, no brokerage fees, but a processing fee of 300.- should be paid. However, if the cancellation occurs after the trial period, the full placement fees of CHF 335.- must be paid. If the host family withdraws from the contract after signing but before the entry of au pairs, only a processing fee of CHF 300.- must be paid.

19- Can the Au Pair extend her Visa period for 1 more year?
For any Third Country, the maximum residential permit for an Au pair is of 12 months.
But for EU nations, the Visa could be extended for maximum of 24 months

20- What are the legal responsibilities of an Au Pair?
The most important task of an Au pair is to take care of the children that includes

  • to prepare their breakfast
  • to take and receive the children from The Kindergarten/ Montessori /School and take them back home
  • to participate in recreational activities of the children
  • to play and go on walk with children
  • to do Children’s basic nursing like helping them wear clothes, bathe them and make them to sleep
  • Au pairs should also help in doing light household chores like Cleaning the children’s room, dining table, etc.

Under Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation, paragraph 4.4.11 bst, nursing children, tutoring children are included in au pairs Task

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